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FEEL SECURE in your smile...
...and improve your oral health and well-being.

With state-of-the-art laboratory techniques and quality materials, Secure Dentures and Implants can create your custom-made dentures and provide you with a new smile you can feel secure with — at a price you can afford.

Secure dentures provide a natural appearance and offer maximum retention and stability for appropriate support of the face and jaw. A set of dentures from Secure enables you to maintain normal speech and helps with chewing.

Feel Secure with the prosthetic teeth best suited for you and your needs.

Five Benefits of Dentures

  • Lessen stress and anxiety about smiling
  • Retain facial muscle tone in face, jaw and neck
  • Eat more food, easier
  • Feel SECURE speaking, eating and communicating
  • Be SECURE in your smile — and your oral health

Full Dentures

When your natural teeth are missing, full dentures become your replacement teeth. They are made to fit comfortably on your gums. The upper set of a full denture covers the roof of the mouth, while the lower set is horseshoe-shaped, creating space for the tongue. The base consists of a gum-colored plastic or acrylic, and the muscles in the cheeks, and tongue keep them in place.

Denture Process

Our denture process begins with a consultation with your dentist. During this session, your oral health will be assessed, and various tooth replacement options will be explained to you. If traditional dentures are deemed suitable, additional procedures such as extractions or other treatments may be necessary before you can receive your prosthetic.

Once your mouth is prepared for dentures, precise impressions of your gums and any remaining natural teeth will be taken. Collaborating with our onsite lab, we will craft your new dentures and make any required adjustments to ensure optimal comfort and fit. You will then return fora final fitting, during which we will guide you on the usage and maintenance of your new dentures.

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Immediate Dentures

Prior to tooth removal, your dentist takes measurements and impressions, and these dentures are made on-site and inserted immediately once your natural teeth are removed. You will wear these for the first several months after extraction, so you’ll have teeth while awaiting the finalization of your permanent dentures. Immediate dentures — placed in your mouth the same day your dentist extracts your teeth — are not specifically custom-fitted to the mouth, allowing healing by protecting tooth extraction sites. You will be able to chew better and learn how to be Secure when you speak, with no loss of smile.

Replacement Dentures

Replacement dentures are for those who are currently wearing dentures and wanting new, upgraded ones. We can help fill what’s missing from your current dentures experience with new, better fitting and customized dentures that are affordable and ready in as little as one day.

FAQs about Dentures

Why am I salivating (drooling) so much?

This is completely normal when you first have a prosthesis (denture) placed in your mouth. Your body senses it as a foreign object and is trying to “flush” it out. This increased salivation should subside within 2-3 days.

What should a first-time denture wearer expect?

To begin, simple X-rays are taken first. Assessment of any tooth pain or mouth or gum discomfort. Then, your Secure dentist will consult with you about a recommended course of treatment. If tooth extractions are required, temporary dentures called ‘immediate dentures’ are made to help with comfort, functionality, appearance, confidence — and to feel secure.

As you heal from the procedures, it is common for the tissue of the gum area to change and even shrink, causing the immediate denture to fit to change. If this happens, a reline, adjustment or new denture is needed to advance the healing process.

After I get new dentures, what should I expect?

New dentures take some getting used to — and that means time. New denture wearers can expect a time that their new dentures will feel strange and uncomfortable. The most common thing at first is a feeling of fullness with the cheeks and lips, a sensation that something big and bulky is in your mouth, and even an experience of slurred speech, excessive salivation, funny or diminished taste, and even gagging. With time, these sensations do subside, and your new dentures will feel commonplace and comfortable.

For a more comfortable first-time experience, let your dental team share suggestions for comfort and fit. Again, your time and patience are key. It takes time to learn to chew with new dentures, patience with only having soft foods for a while before introducing hard or difficult-to-chew foods.

When you’re comfortable with your dentures, be sure to avoid biting into foods with your front teeth as it may dislodge them. Lower dentures take the longest to get used to as they can ‘float’ on your lower gums and not have suction, like an upper denture has. While adjusting to your new dentures, it’s not uncommon to feel sore spots on your gums. Additionally, chewing on both sides of your mouth at the same time will help stabilize your new teeth.

Wearing your dentures all the time helps you adapt to them more quickly. With time and patience, you will learn good lip and tongue control. After you're used to them, it is advisable to take them out at night.

Be Secure in your new dentures and let your dental team know about any difficulty you experience so we can assess and provide any adjustments needed to your new dentures.

How do I care for my new dentures?

Clean your dentures daily with a soft brush and cleaning agent such as soap and water or products made specifically to clean dentures. Diligent care and daily cleaning are vital to maintain good dental health.

  • Brush both the inside and outside of your denture to eliminate any harmful bacteria or buildup.
  • Soak your dentures overnight in water or a denture cleaning agent.
  • When cleaning your dentures, hold them over a sink filled with water or cushioned with a soft towel so you can prevent breakage if you accidentally drop them.

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